And… we’re off.

Well, hello there, dear reader. As Editor-in-Chief of this here fiction anthology, I am chuffed beyond measure to announce that our first issue of Curiouser Magazine is coming out in a week’s time on Sunday the 18th of April. To say it’s been a bit of work would be the understatement of the year, but the most prevalent emotion I feel right now – besides relief – is happiness.

The books are being printed as I type this, and our launch party is coming up. Click on ‘HOME‘ for time and place, if you’re in the Melbourne area and you’d like to come. Authors have been paid, and little glitches in all the minute processes along the way are being ironed out, excised or simply ignored for the time being. I’ll get to them sometime, eventually.

This here is the closest we’ll get to doing a blog. From time to time we’ll share our thoughts on the various aspects of of publishing a book, we’ll post snippets from works appearing in upcoming issues, and we’ll vent our spleens. Isn’t that what a blog is for?

A medical drawing of a spleen, detailing its position next to the stomach. A bit yucky maybe but how else to illustrate venting a spleen?

It’s an adventure, to be sure, but let’s embark on it together, what do you say? It could be a lot of fun.

Thanks for joining us on this wild ride. If you would like a copy of our inaugural issue, don’t forget to click the ‘STORE‘ tab above. Talk to you soon, and have a wonderful day.